Journal of Economic Research (JECOR) is a bi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal on economics published by the University of Chitral. The journal was established in 2017. This journal publishes articles on topics in economics and related social sciences and welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions in a relevant discipline; mainly focusses on productivity, growth theory, natural resources, economic development, technological changes, health, nutrition, food security, poverty and quality of life research-related topics. Moreover, the journal emphasis on Pakistan’s socio-economic issues. The journal’s editorial, advisory boards, and review panel consist of renowned scholars in the fields of economics and related social sciences. They actively participate in refereeing the papers and render valuable advice on other related matters.

The rudimentary function of the University of Chitral is the knowledge generation and uplifting the standard of higher education in Pakistan. Journal of Economic Research works in parallel with the University of Chitral to attain its goals. In the modern era, research foundations are robust and only the best quality research is lauded. This journal will be recognized as a milestone for laying the best quality of research foundations at the University of Chitral. We hope that the Journal of Economic Research would sufficiently fulfill the needs and interests of the readers.